About Wayne


The youngest of two baby boomer children, I’m a native Texan who grew up in Dallas.  I’ve had a GREAT life.  Two loving parents, good schools, and church twice a week.  I grew up in a neighborhood full of other kids and we ran wild, played tag, and kickball and football all under the watchful eyes of parents up and down the block.

We rode bikes without helmets, and drank from water hoses when we got thirsty. Wayne-Mid-60sOur parents drove us all over town in cars without seatbelts.  We walked to school every day unless it was pouring rain.  Some of our mothers smoked and drank alcohol while we were in their womb.  We ate a lot of stuff like Twinkies and Frosted Flakes.  Gaggles of us roamed the neighborhood trick-or-treating on Halloween.  We ate the candy.  We all survived.  We watched lots of TV Westerns and played with toy guns– lots of toy guns.

At school, not everyone made the football, baseball or basketball team.  You didn’t get a trophy for just showing up.  If you misbehaved, the principal whipped your butt with a big wooden paddle.  As scary as that was, the scariest part was having to go home after school and tell you parents you got sent to the office and got “licks.”

I’m a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.  Living in Austin as a college student in the 1970s was a hip trip.  Let’s just say I had a lot of fun and was very lucky. There were not watchful parental eyes on us.  Most of us survived.

I married my wife, Lisa in 1982 and we raised two sons, Spencer and Hudson.  We’re empty nesters now and live in East Texas.

1 thought on “About Wayne”

  1. I have hitchhiked through Texas many times over the years. I met a lot of great and helpful people in Texas.

    “A Thumb and a Prayer”


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