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camusquote1This year I’m reading through the Bible in chronological order.  Today as I read in the Gospel of John, Chapter 9 the Pharisees were investigating the healing of a man who had been born blind.  They couldn’t decide whether to condemn Jesus for healing a man on the Sabbath or to condemn him for having the power to bring sight to the blind just on general principle.

Their world-view made it impossible for them to think outside the box of their own religious traditions.  They could not comprehend His role as The Good Shepherd.  Some of them thought he was mad and possessed by demons, while some argued that a demon could not open the eyes of a blind man.  The Pharisees despised Christ’s challenge to the status quo.  His very existence was, to them, an act of rebellion.

I find that not to live as a free man is to live in spiritual blindness.