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If sheep could voteFor years I have been amazed at how the average person will place their trust in politicians.  They elect someone to office because they have promised to solve problems, then do precious little toward those ends.  When their term is up and they come back asking for people’s votes, they make the same empty promises, and the electorate sends them back to strike out again.  The process is repeated for decades until the politicians reach their dotage, all the while enriching themselves at the public trough and growing government while shrinking the voters’ freedom.

There’s a reason why political races devolve into mud slinging rather than substantive debates on policy.  If voters were to focus on the real issues that vex our country, and the candidates’ records, they’d realize that government is the worst tool to use to improve people’s lives. They might also see that career politicians are the last people in the world we should entrust with power.

When will YOU, regardless of your party affiliation,  stop swallowing their sheep-dip?