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They didn’t gripe when Zoe played Naytiri in blueface in that stupid movie Avatar.  Of course that was way back in 2009 before only black lives mattered.  Plus she was all computer generated and fighting to save that big tree from the evil Colonel Quaritch played by Stephen Lang.

The social justice warriors are apoplectic that Zoe wore make up to look more like Nina Simone.  By the same logic, shouldn’t Daniel Day Lewis be castigated for not growing a real beard when he played the great emancipator in 2012’s revisionist history flick, LincolnLincolnDVD

Imagine a future where a biopic of someone like Sir Francis Bacon has to be populated by a certain quota of black, Hispanic and Asian players.  I guess in that future where all movies have the proper set-asides for the politically correct number of black, Hispanic, and Asian actors, any makeup required to make people look more like the characters they are playing will be banned.

Picture a world of biographical movies like that piece o’ crap Steve Jobs, where they didn’t even bother to change Michael Fassbender’s hair color or hair style to make him look more like the title character.

BTW.  Stephen Lang and Robert Duvall had some nice make up when they played Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee in Gods and Generals.