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Che posterWhy is Communism so chic now?  Can it be that the arbiters of popular culture and the public education system have decided to promote this failed ideology? What amazes me is that freedom consistently works while Communism fails wherever it is tried.

Check out the list of Leftist organizations that are cheerleaders for Obama’s proposal to regulate the Internet.  Che would love Obama’s “Internet Fairness” proposal.  You see, totalitarians everywhere HATE the idea of free flowing information.  They want to control EVERYTHING!  The most important step to subjugate the populace is to take control of the media.  There used to be only three TV networks so keeping control of which stories were reported on network news was easily managed.  Currently there are no gatekeepers on the Internet.  It is the last free place on the planet.

Sure, there’s a lot of crap online, but I much prefer to be empowered to manage my own online experiences, rather than have the hammy hands of government come between me and the “evils” lurking in cyberspace.  I’m quite content being free and responsible for my own actions.

When the FCC takes control of the internet, not only will traffic slow down, but innovation will slow to a crawl as well.  The inevitable result will be that a few well connected companies will get preferential treatment at the cost of everyone else.  The new taxes and fees will start slowly at first, and then mushroom.

Eventually we will have a Department of the Internet, and reams of regulations that will enable the government to control every single internet start up, tax and control every single online transaction, intercept every single e-mail message, and generally clamp down on the flow of information that they don’t like.

The opposition will claim that I am an alarmist, or a liar, or a loon.  I have one word to say in my defense — Obamacare!  These same people made the same claims when I raised the alarm about government controlled healthcare before the Affordable Care Act was rammed down our gullets.  And it came to pass that we found we had been lied to.  “If you like your healthcare, you can keep it.” “There won’t be any death panels.”  “Insurance will be free!”

Tell the FCC that you want government to keep their greedy hands off the Internet.